UNI-Prep's Customer Complaints Policy


UNI-Prep Institute (“UNI-Prep”) is committed to offering exceptional value and service to all its clients and students.

Wherever possible, UNI-Prep will attempt to respond to e-mails and telephone inquiries within 5 business days.

UNI-Prep will be courteous and professional with all potential and current students, staff, and business partners and expects the same level of professionalism and curtesy in return. UNI-Prep has a zero-tolerance policy for harassment, bullying and abuse and any disrespectful behavior by prospective or existing students, staff, or business partners toward any other individual will be investigated and may result in termination of any business arrangement or agreement.

UNI-Prep’s cancellation, transfer, withdrawal, and refunds policies are available in our general terms and conditions section. We encourage all students to review all our policies and discuss any concerns that they may have. We strive for transparency with all our customers while maintaining quality products and services.

Please contact us at info@uni-prep.comshould you have any questions regarding our Customer Service Policy.

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