Business Courses

UNI-Prep offers short professional development courses for professionals who are interested in advancing their knowledge and expertise in a particular subject area. We are constantly developing new 1-3 day professional development seminars to keep up with advances in industry, technology, methodology and best practices. You can find details of some of our professional development courses within the appropriate categories.


UNI-Prep offers courses in two formats in order to meet the needs of students. Courses can be completed in online format, where students have the flexibility to complete the courses independently and at their own convenience. In addition, students can attend a scheduled course in Canada, Dubai and any other international location where courses are offered.


UNI-Prep also custom designs professional development courses tailored to the needs of clients. Our content writers are experts in their field and have experience in designing and writing courses for a specific audience. Please send in an e-mail inquiry if you are interested in a custom designed professional development program for your staff or a group of professionals.

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