Teach English in China


Want to teach English in China?




Major Cities for Teaching Jobs

Shanghai, Beijing, Yangzhou, Nanjing, Tianjin, Hangzhou

Salary Range

10,000-13,000 RMB ($1,500-2,000 USD)

Educational Requirement

A degree is required, along with TESOL or TEFL Certification

Average Living Costs

Approximately RMB 5500 ($890) per month

Typical Jobs

Private language schools, Public schools, International Baccalaureate schools, Private international schools, Kindergarten



About China:


Teaching English in China offers excellent opportunities for those eager to teach in a foreign country, since the English language market is growing fast in China, and many new positions are becoming available everyday. 


China is an ancient and beautiful land which is always appealing to adventurous foreign visitors. As the third largest country in the world, it has a wide variety of terrain and climate shape with numerous natural attractions.


Countless natural and historical sites are a must-see in here, including The Great Wall of China, the Ming Tombs, the Summer Palace, and Hutong tours. Dining in China is truly a gastronomical experience which will make you come back for more and Shanghai’s nightlife needs no introduction. The city is fast paced, full of young and old people who love, nightlife, socializing and having fun.


Teaching English in China:


-       Teaching English in China combines an unforgettable experience with a rewarding job. You can travel the country, learn Mandarin, meet fascinating people and learn new things about Chinese culture and its mysteries.

-       The teaching experience will be pleasant in China since Chinese people are enthusiastic and eager to learn, having a relaxed and friendly attitude.






-       A Bachelor's degree is required, as well as 1+ year of teaching experience.

-       A TESOL/TEFL qualification is needed.

-       You have to be between 24 to 55 years old, due to China working visa requirements.

-       Working Visa





-       The salary for teaching English in China varies from the place where you will teach. Therefore, the average monthly salary in Public schools will be around 6,000 - 10,000 RMB ($1000 - $1600), in a Private Language Institute you can earn up to 1600 RMB ($2600), Universities pay around 7500 – 10000 RMB ($1200 – 1600) and the best paid jobs are in International Schools where the salaries can go up to 30,000 RMB ($5000).

-       Between the common benefits many employers offer flight reimbursement or allowance, furnished local apartments, paid holidays, sick leaves and free Mandarin Chinese lessons.

-       Chinese medicine is very cheap, so the amount of health insurance will correspond to expenses for medical attention and prescriptions.


Living Costs:


-       Although the prices are rising, the cost of living in China still compares favorably to most industrialized countries. You will be amazed by how comfortably you can live and still afford to visit new places and try new restaurants.

-       Your cost of living depends upon the type of lifestyle you want to have. The average living costs in China is around 5500 RMB per month ($890) which actually situates China as one of the most affordable places to live in, especially if you want to teach here and also enjoy the surroundings.

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