4 Ways to Teach English and Travel

4 Ways to Teach English and Travel

One of the advantages of being an English teacher is that you can work everywhere around the world, from Tokyo to California, and without even staying in one place too much time.

Freelancers are one of the most popular jobs nowadays. This type of jobs can be found on the internet, and are an excellent way of teaching English while you travel around the world. First, because you can have clients in any place of the world and work from your computer, with an internet connection, teaching online from any place of the globe. But second, because you can also look for a job in any place of the world, move there and work for a few months before you find another job and move to another place.

In the first example, you can ask for online payments, through sites like paypal, payoneer, neteller, etc. With this systems, you only need to create your account (for free) and done! You can count with that money immediately, and as the used currency is the dollar, you’ll count on a type of money that’s reliable and accepted all around the world!

To be a freelancer online is a comfortable way of working, and most of the time you won’t have a “boss”. If you get to have your own business and create your own webpage or blog, you can choose your own clients, and the same with the price. The rates will vary on your experience, qualifications, clients and place where you are working, and prices can go from some “cheap” lessons (maybe $5 an hour) to some more qualified lessons worth $20-30.

But if you don’t have your own website, don’t freak out! There are lots of pages that offer freelancer jobs, and different options are available.

One site is cafetalk, is a company from Japan, and you can work with your own schedule, and your own rates. You only need to create an account with your profile details, have a simple interview and then you can start working. At the beginning, you’ll get paid with the 65% of your price by an hour of class, and as you get more experience and time working there, you’ll obtain even the 85% of your rate. The resting percentages are taken by the site to finance their costs of working. The site offers their own system of payments, so you won’t have to create an account in any of the online systems explained before.

Then we have upwork, this one is more popular, and once you sign up, you can apply to any offer shown in the search results. The site does not only have English teaching options, but another fields such as marketing, designing, networking, writing, etc. The site counts with its own payment system too, so you won’t have to have any paypal, payoneer or neteller account either: the company/person that is hiring you can pay you through this site.

And last, there is freelancer, a website that offers millions of freelancers to people who need a job to be done. You just have to sign up as a freelancer, choose your fields of interest and start looking for a job! The payment methods include adding a credit card, a paypal account or a skrill account, another type of online payment similar to paypal.

Want to start living an exciting life? Travel and be a freelancer!

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